By Sakshee Babbr


Ms. Sakshee Babbr is an accomplished designer of women’s evening and day wear. She attended the fashion school at the Academy of Design in Toronto and to this day, remains a keen scholar of fashion, and costume jewellery and accessories. Additionally, Sakshee is a certified photographer and videographer.

Though Ms. Babbr procured her Bachelor’s in commerce many years ago, deep-down she has known that her calling in life lies elsewhere. She has always felt the need for something different to channelize her creativity.

The fashion industry has been her life-long passion. She satiates her desire for more ideas and derives inspiration from arts and architecture from all around the world. Ms. Babbr believes creativity and imagination have no limits, and literally anything from anywhere, can inspire a designer.


My “New Summer” embraces all concepts related to beginnings, even new beginnings, and what better way to represent that for humanity than through floral imagery. Flowers represent gentleness, sweetness, beauty, vibrancy and tenderly uplift a whole spectrum of emotions. Youth, and the vitality they possess, is an embodiment of the hope that will carry us out of despair, they represent the reason to survive for a better new normal. In fact, they must create this future. Therefore, the link with flowers is important. Those qualities are universal, no matter what type of flower or the region it occurs in. Thus, the same holds for humanity. We are one and must have a common purpose, to uplift all.

My entire theme, from the name to the symbolisms of the imagery and fabrics deployed, from the emotions I am trying to invoke to our collective goal to shatter through the grip of Covid into a “New Summer” is the very embodiment of Rise. For me personally, this collection is the breakthrough I have worked toward for twenty years, coming through financial constraints, sometimes stereotypical gender biases, often emotional setbacks, and even sheer bad luck. However, each day is a chance to Rise. Every obstacle is there to Rise above. Covid must give way to the Rise of “New Summer!”